Saturday, June 21, 2014

Minority Moderates among Hypocrite Majority ?

Clad in a saffron outfit does not make one a Buddhist monk automatically. 
Ordination is just a Ceremony of affirmation and having ordination too does not make anyone a Buddhist monk automatically either. 
There is a clear path to be followed, if one needs to be really qualified to be a Buddhist monk. That is to follow the path of a Bodhisattva. 
A Bodhisattva is a person who devotes his or her life to the Buddhist way. 
The vows focus on doing compassionate deeds, striving to benefit every human being and seeking enlightenment. 
Not setting fire and or pelting others’ places of worship. 
Then you become a hooligan and or a murderer than a monk. 
The saffron outfit will not protect such people. 
During the recent incidents in the South of Sri Lanka, I see the Social media was awash with many postings, some in favour and some against for the actions of hooligans in saffron outfits. Among the Against lot, I found an interesting number of Buddhists along with people from the community that was affected. 
I understand the mindset of those who were affected but what were the Buddhists among them were thinking, I was pondering. 
They call themselves the Moderate Buddhists. 
Then the next question sprang into my mind was, where were the Moderates people of other faiths. 
I did not see anyone crying foul when the Buddhist shrines in the East of Sri Lanka were vandalized by bulldozers or the Tigers Flag was taken to the Vatican a few years back. 
Are only Buddhists moderate? 
If so, why I wonder.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why I had No Tears To Shed Then ?

The room smelt different
 Was it the burning camphor or
The oil soaked wick
 Dancing in the wind.

The windows were left wide open
 The morning breeze
Trying to snuff and conquer
 The naked flame of the oil lamp.

The House was lit up
 Too bright and
Too crowded
 For that times of the day.

The faint sobbing
 Ebbing from some corner
Hurried steps down the corridors
 Speaking only in Hushed voices
Added more uneasiness to the air

She looked calm and blissful
 Sleeping pretty and relieved
I knew instantly
 She would never to come back again to us ever
But why I had no tears to shed then.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Exemplary Deed

Eshani Danushika was expecting good results in the 2013 Grade 5 scholarship examination.

Even her teachers were expecting her to do well.

But when the results were announced recently, her and her teachers’ hopes were dashed as she fell just a few marks below the qualifying mark for the district.

But a few of her classmates have managed to secure above the qualifying marks.

She was not heartbroken because of her marks but she was happy as some of her friends did well in the examination.

Now come the interesting part of the story.

She broke open her Clay Till next day and bought Gifts (Pens, Books etc) for the friends from that money and gave them to the Class Teacher to be distributed to her friends who were successful in the examination.

That small gesture made everybody stopped and look at the incident.

The school hurriedly organized a Prize Distribution ceremony to honor the successful children.

She is just 10 years and comes from a not so affluence farming family from a flung place called Wiyaluwa in Badulla district.

(I am writing this after reading the article in the Lankadeepa newspaper of 24th Oct 2013, but I am unable to get a link to the original article on their web site. After a few telephone calls, we did manage to speak to this cheerful little girl to let her know that her exemplary gesture was not gone unnoticed and how much we appreciated such good deeds).

May her thrive in future and be able to continue with her voluntary good deeds in future as well.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Short Lived Euphoria of Ostentation.

Every street corner has now been turned into a place of worship by some object worshiping idiots by placing some objects of their fancy.

The Next thing you realize is the blaring noise coming from there day and night disturbing the peace around and polluting with singing, chanting and preaching etc.

Then what follow is more encroachments and useless expenditure on face-lifting decorations.

The whole country is now being turned into a religious frenzy den.

But the euphoria of the ostentation is short-lived when you switch on your Television News Channels.

Robbing, muggings, raping and killings are galore. 

Where have those teaching gone into, I wonder ?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bank Without Heart .... !

I have a NRFC account (No: 995902459XXXXX @ Kottawa Branch).
Due to some urgent financial requirement, my wife (
Mrs. Silva) was trying to withdraw money this morning (18 Sep 13) but was refused that facility despite, 
Sshe was presenting a proper legal documents to prove her Identity as well as her authorization to execute such transaction in my absence.
Therefore, First I wish to know on what grounds that she was denied the withdraw.
Secondly when and how could I clear this obstacle as I am urgently in need for money.
Awaiting a favourable and speedy response.
Sasanka De Silva.


Dear sir,
We are unable to process your above request due to following reasons.

power of attorney should be issued within one year,

power of attorney not introduced by account holder,

should be a specific power of attorney stating required accounts.

In the alternative we suggest the following,

please send a request to transfer money from nrfc account to any other specified account
stating account numbers and names with your signature.
Please also attach a copy of your nic/passport .

suraj jayaratne
assistant manager-kottawa branch


Dear Mr. Jayaratne,
That was a legal document without expiry covering all matters and accepted anywhere in Sri Lankan except at your Bank and that was a disappointment.
I may have very limited funds in my account but I have a larger circle of friends and I am sure I will share my bitter experience with them soon.
This was not the first occasion Kottawa branch disappointed me and soon I will decide what to do with our accounts held with you.
Once again it was a big disappointment and I thought I was dealing with a 21st Century bank and not with a medieval one.
Sasanka De Silva.


Now you be the judge of their claim of being the Bank with Heart.
I say Bull shit.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are We All Naked Here Now ?

I was thinking;
Are we all naked here now?
After what Snowden revealed, I think we are no longer clad any more.
Look, I have nothing to hide but everybody needs a bit of privacy.
To put it in another way, a safe place to kill the devil within us without the glare of rest of the world.
That brought me to think:
Where is this guy anyway?
Still in Russia or already somewhere else
Laughing at those who clamber on the flight, presumably thinking that he would be on it and waiting at the seat 17A.
I think Aeroflot made a killing by some wise gimmick by creating media hype.
That brought me to think again;
Will US be good on its words?
Or will it kneel down again in front of the vast resources of the Russians have at their disposal?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Agony of a Writer

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can Such People be Trusted to Represent US ?

Why the man who had been talking about the Westminster protocols, transparencies, good governance etc etc in the public for so many decades has failed to put them in to practice hitherto ?

“ කැමති අය දැන් හිට ගන්න අකමැති අය බිම වාඩි වෙන්න ". That was all people heard from him yesterday

This is no way of conducting a Poll and how they have counted 4000 plus votes yesterday is still a mystery to me. 

Can such people be trusted to represent us ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank You තාත්තේ !

Text message received from my daughter on the recent Fathers Day Celebrations made me rethink of my father.

How do I start was the main question.

He was a man of a few words.

I resembled most of his physical appearance than my other siblings but this quality of a few words, I was not blessed with.

My younger brother has received it from him and the God has very mysterious ways of working and assembling things.

He showed us the world literally by taking us to various places but his world was just confined within our shores only.

By introducing and encouraging us to read, he managed to take us far beyond his physically confined shores.

Every week he used to bring at least two books from the Library and we were on them like the vultures on a carcass.

He wanted us to think freely and never to be afraid of asking questions.

Though he was a man of few words, where his political alliance lies was no secret with Das Capital on the Book shelf.

With a rear show of emotions, he clinched his fist and held up in solidarity when the Nine o’clock News announced the departure of the last American helicopter from Vietnam.

We were having dinner in Badulla that day.

His other message though conveyed in a very subtle way but not in words was “Never come home by get beaten up”.

He was a southerner and his words and deeds truly reflected the enterprising southerners’ spirit always.

His two messages “Think Freely” & “Never come home by get Beaten up” came in really handy in our later lives but I do not think that none of us got around telling him that how much we were benefitted from those two messages. 

At least now we have such celebrations like “Fathers’ Day”, which we have never heard of when we were growing up, gives me an opportunity to at least say “Thank You තාත්තේ ! “ though it is a bit late now.